Are you an odd one like me? Are you the one that organizes all your friends to do group Cosplays? Are you are constantly dreaming up new costume ideas, with piles of notes and books of costume sketches? Do you live for the creative expression that Cosplay gives you as an artist and as an individual? Not only do you love dressing up as your favorite characters you connect with them on a deeper level. To you Cosplay is more than just costume play its COMMUNITY; or you are that person in your dreams and have no idea where to start, like I was before I got courage to just go for it.

Whether you have noticed it or not Cosplay is growing and is all over the place. It’s hard to keep up, you want to stay connected, you want all the relevant information that keeps you connected and on top of what’s going on in this community you love so much, but subscribing to all these things over loads your inbox, checking your favorite sites for deals is such a drag. Be honest, you don’t want to watch every youtube video that every Cosplayer you like makes, you just want what is relevant to you and what you love. Let’s face it you do this because your a super fan, not superman.

I know this because this is exactly how I felt and why I’m building this website.

If you’re looking to get into Cosplay for the first time and chase that dream costume you have floating around in your head but had no idea where to start, you can find a home with us.

If you’re a Hobbyist that’s been at this a while and looking to streamline your online Cosplay experience, so you can stop staring at a screen for hours just trying to find all the things you need and have more time to actually put into your creations. We can help with that.

If you’re a Pro-Cosplayer or Craftsman that wants to boost your sales and following that allows you more exposure without overloading your patrons with stuff they don’t want. While at the same time giving you significant marketing exposure for new clients. We’re on it.

I could tell you this blog is about Cosplay and we will talk about anime, costumes and fandom but I would be lying. This is not your typical Cosplay blog.

I want to talk about how we as a Community can take what we do in our daily lives and use it in the Cosplay community. Let’s talk about online marketing, how can we use that knowledge to help fellow cosplayers monetize on their Cosplays so they can start living their passions instead of only part time.
Let’s talk about inclusion into the community and how we can make it easier for newcomers who join to feel welcome and get the best costumes as cost effectively as possible.
Let’s talk about uniting as Cosplayers so we can better track and control the distribution of our images because that is a major way we support ourselves
Let’s talk about shaming, bullying and consent.

In my opinion cosplay is at this perfect pinnacle point it is just now becoming accepted and popularized and we have the chance to shape it into what it will become. Let’s make it streamlined, let’s make it efficient, let’s make it fun, let’s make it support the little guy.

My voice doesn’t come from being a well known Cosplayer or anyone in particular. It comes from being someone who has been different my whole life and been told I didn’t fit in, till I found cosplay. It comes from being a Super fan and women of conviction. It comes from knowing what I am passionate about and wanting to make change in this world for the better.

I started this website because I got really sick and thought I was going to die. When that happens and you have to face your own death at the age of 25. Something changes inside you, you can no longer look in the mirror and accept what you see if you’re given another chance to live and you don’t take it to follow your heart and live with purpose. My purpose is to make this world a better place to show people we can collaborate, work together and make sustainable lasting change if we only try. Where I am starting is where I found myself and that is with Cosplay.

My first taste of Cosplay was as a child when me and my best friend would pretend we were either elves from lord of the rings or going through stargates to other worlds. We made little costumes and ran around the forest behind her house. My love of costumes only grew from there, until I sewed all the costumes for the drama class in my senior year on my spare. But my love of Cosplay didn’t fully bloom until I started my own Custom costume business in 2012. That was not my first business nor was it my last. In total I have had my hand in 7 startup businesses on varying levels of management and ownership. Four of which are still running to this day.

Though my pride and joy was being a major role in the creation of a non profit artist cooperative in Kimberley BC. through that experience I learnt the power of a unified team, strength in numbers and the ability to build a business that benefits and profits all involved.
My goal is to take all my experiences and use them to help those in the community I love so much.

So if you can feel my passion if you can hear my conviction, if you can see my determination and you want to be an active or even passive part of shaping the cosplay community into a sustainable, beneficial micro economy that shows the world what a community driven economy can look like please sign up, follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram etc.

Let’s do this thing together.